Spirit World Paranormal Investigations is a group of serious and experienced investigators that are in search of scientific proof of all things unexplainable (paranormal). Using different types of tools and equipment, investigators collect evidence to try to prove or disprove claims of paranormal activity.

Paranormal activity has been reported just about everywhere imaginable. The most common may be cemeteries, historic old buildings, or any place where a tragic event may have occurred. Although this may be true, it is believed that spirits have a tendency to attach themselves to objects or places that were important to them in life. This is the reason that many homes also have a high rate of paranormal activity.

S.W.P.I. has performed investigations that range from homes, businesses, and  cemeteries to historical battlefields and museums all through southeast Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Our investigators have compiled an extensive collection of still pictures, videos, and audio recordings of paranormal activity. For information regarding an investigation click on the request tab on the left!

Our paranormal investigations are always conducted free of charge.  Upon request,  our investigations will be treated with total confidentiality.  Evidence and information collected during our private investigations is not publicly released without the consent of those involved.

SWPI is proud to announce we have partnered with The Old Mill Museum and Erie Shores Paranormal (ESP) to bring you the 4th Annual Old Mill ParaFest! This will be a paranormal convention at The Old Mill Museum November 10th 2018, doors open at 9am. The convention will start at 10am with speakers throughout the day, visit your favorite vendors, meet your favorite TV personalities, get autographs, buy their goodies etc. Food and drinks, both adult and soft drinks, will be served through the day as well. After the convention you can investigate the Old Mill Museum with our featured speakers too!!! Who’s coming? Here’s our list!

Elizabeth Saint – Desitnation America’s Ghosts of Shepardstown
Dustin Pari – SyFy’s Ghost Hunters
Greg and Dana Newkirk – Traveling Museum of The Occult and Paranormal
Jeff Belanger
Andrea Perron
John Tenney
The Cyrpto-Kid – Bigfoot Researcher
Gooz Goosby
Norm Cohrs – Ghost Busters of Northern Michigan
Jeanne Clock – Medium
Adam Hawkins – Native American Flute

Early bird tickets are $50 for the convention, $100 for the Ghost Hunt & Convention.


SWPI also hosts Public and Private paranormal investigations at The Old Mill Museum in Dundee Michigan.  We volunteer to host these events, to raise money for the museum.  To learn more about these investigations, visit http://www.haunteddundeemill.com