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EMF Meters
K2 Meter: One of the best known meters is the K2.  The K2 is used to measure Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF).  It is believed that spirits work on energy, and an EMF Meter can detect and measure them. Many early versions did not have an on/off switch, you had to press the button to power on.  This is why Ghost Hunters was seen using a quarter jammed in the top, to keep it powered up.  If buying, make sure it has the on/off switch. SWPI Equipment
CellSensor: Cell sensor has a loud audio signal with adjustable volume control, a Red flashing light alerts you to presence of an EMF anomaly. Unlike most EMF detectors, the CellSensor has a remote probe with 3 feet of cord for ease in measuring magnetic anomalies. This EMF detector has two scales (HI & LO) High 0 - 5 MilliGauss Low 0 - 50 MilliGauss SWPI Equipment
Digital EMF: This is the type of meter many of the shows, like Ghost Hunters will carry.  It does not have an LCD screen that lights up, so a flashlight is required to see the display in total darkness.  SWPI Equipment
ElectroSensor: This is a very small, and low price EMF meter.  Probably the cheapest option to buy, and like the early K2's does not have an On/Off switch.  You must press the button on the side to power it up.  Like the K2 it does have the LED display to show the intensity of EMF.  Many times we'll use a rubber band wrapped around it to press the power button. SWPI Equipment
Mel Meter: The Mel Meter is by far our favorite EMF meter.  It combines the EMF and Temperature into one device. It has a digital display which lights up, ours is red others are green.  A red display does not interfere with Night Vision as much.   This one also has the LED light on the top, like a flashlight, and the Vibration sensor which will light up an LED and sound an alarm when vibration is detected.  Anytime you can combine equipment, it's a great thing! SWPI Equipment
Elf-Zone: SWPI Equipment
Tri-Field:  SWPI Equipment
RT-EVP: This is one of, if not the best audio recorders ever developed!  This audio recorder combines the Ghost Box and an audio recorder in one.  Not only does it record audio, but also has a real time audio playback, so you can hear the replies as well!  This allows you to hear the replies now, not play them back and hear them.  Many times you're already home, when you hear someone who's willing to interact, this device allows you to continue!  The DAS-EVP is the same recorder, without the Ghost Box built in. SWPI Equipment
Sony Digital: There are many different digital audio recorders, they're commonly used by all ghost hunting groups.  Many have similar features, and pretty much all work the same way.  This Sony has 1 Gigabyte of memory, the larger the memory the more it'll record.  SWPI Equipment
RCA Digital: This is an older RCA digital recorder, it has great sound but doesn't record very long.  It only has 256Meg of memory, so on high quality mode, will only record less than an hour of audio.  SWPI Equipment
Sony Cassette Recorder: Many people think we use all digital recorders, this is simply not true.  We do use cassette recorders, like this Sony.  These Sony audio recorders have great sound, and a very loud playback speaker.  This Sony allows you to put it on double speed, which will record double the amount of time a normal tape would hold. SWPI Equipment
SansaMP3: Many people have said they don't have an audio recorder, and can't afford one.  Many people have an MP3 player, which will record audio.  While they're not as good as some of the more expensive audio recorders, they can be used to get you started, or in a pinch when another audio recorder is needed. SWPI Equipment
OlympusVN-960PC: Audio recorder SWPI Equipment
Olympus WS-300M: Audio recorder SWPI Equipment
Radio Shack Micro Cassette Recorder: Audio recorder SWPI Equipment
DVR: Digital Video Recorder we actually have 2 DVR systems, one 4 channel and one 8 channel.  We can run a total of 12 cameras from them. SWPI Equipment
DVR Cameras: The cameras for the DVR, these cameras can be wired or wireless. SWPI Equipment
Full Spectrum Rear: The full spectrum camera will record video, or take still images, above and below what we can see.  It not only will see in the Infrared (IR) spectrum, but also will see in the Ultraviolet (UV) spectrum.  This is why it has the pinkish/purple look to it.  We'll use this on a tripod, or using bracket that connects it to an illuminator (See Lighting) SWPI Equipment
Full Spectrum Front: The full spectrum camera will record video, or take still images, above and below what we can see.  It not only will see in the Infrared (IR) spectrum, but also will see in the Ultraviolet (UV) spectrum.  This is why it has the pinkish/purple look to it.  We'll use this on a tripod, or using bracket that connects it to an illuminator (See Lighting) SWPI Equipment
Sony DVD Recorder: When it comes to night vision, we really prefer the Sony cameras.  The Infrared (IR) on the Sony is great, and cameras like this Sony DVD have Super Night Vision Plus.  Many of the Sony's have Night Vision Plus, but the Super Night Vision Plus lights it up so much better when no IR illuminator is present.  It also records directly to a mini DVD which can be played in a DVD player, or the software will convert it to MPEG format for PC viewing. SWPI Equipment
Sony MiniDV: Sony Mini DV Camera SWPI Equipment
Sony Hi8: Sony Hi8 camera SWPI Equipment
Digital Camera's
Canon PowerShot A570: This is one of many digital cameras we use.  Everyone has their preference on cameras, and while non digital cameras can be used, it would get rather expensive processing the film.  Digital cameras are usually prefered for this reason.  SWPI Equipment
Non Contact Thermometer: This LaCrosse Infrascan is a non contact thermometer that will take the temperature of whatever it's pointed it.  This model does not have the laser light to show where it is pointed, but it does have one great feature we love, Min and Max.  It'll record the Minimum and Maximum temperature it records, this will allow you to see if a temperature drop (or increase) happens and what the drop is with no math or remembering them. SWPI Equipment
Laser Grid: One of the theories behind the laser grid, is that anything that moves, such as echto will be intensified with the laser, much like smoke when it's blown into a laser light.  The laser grid applies many dots, which when used with a video recorder make it easier to spot movement.  They're not always used, but are a nice addition and fairly cheap.  An example of what the laser grid looks like can be seen by clicking here.  This is a purple laser, green and red are also available. SWPI Equipment
Phantom IR/UV: The Phantom is a low cost option for the Full Spectrum camera.  It has 5 rows of LED's, IR, Red, Green, Blue and UV.  We will use this with a bracket, that allows us to carry the camera with the illuminator right beside it.  It doesn't see as far as some others do, but for indoors works great. SWPI Equipment
LED Flashlight: It may be one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment used, a flashlight.  We tend to use LED flashlights, they generally use less power so the batteries last longer than a standard flashlight.  LED flashlights have improved greatly over the years. SWPI Equipment
Miscellaneous Equipment
PX: The PX  is 1/2 Ovilus 1/2 Puck. The device works by measuring changes in the “environmental” energy fields around it. It modulates the energy changes into audible speech using a synthesizer chip, an extensive English word dictionary, and a function that phonetically sounds out words. It can be used alone, with the built in speaker, or a computer. The use of a computer, allows you to see the words it speaks, which is great since it is sometimes hard to understand. SWPI Equipment
Ghost Box: Also knows as a Spirit Box, Franks Box and other names.  This device will scan either the AM or FM radio bands, without stopping.  Imagine holding the scan or seek button on a radio, that is all this does.  The theory behind it is that spirits can use the white noise from the scanning, to speak.  The example here is just a modified Radio Shack radio there are many different hacks you can do, to make one fairly cheap.  You can buy them already hacked as well. SWPI Equipment
Tripod:  Many different types of tripods are used, from large tripods that will hold a video camera at eye level, or the smaller table top type pictured here.  The small tripods are great for lighting, or holding equipment when you need to place a camera or other device somewhere. SWPI Equipment
Level:  One of the pieces of equipment that most people would never guess we use, is a level.  Many people will claim balls will roll, doors will open or close on their own and the use of a level will allow you to debunk them if the floors are unlevel, but many times look level.  The version pictured also has a screwdriver in one end, and an LED light in the other. SWPI Equipment
Night Vision Scope: Night vision scope SWPI Equipment


This is by no means all the equipment we use, but is an example of many of the pieces of equipment we own and will bring into one of our investigations.


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