How "Hello" changed my life.....


I wasn't always into the paranormal, in fact I really didn't believe in ghosts, or the paranormal.  It wasn't that I would argue the fact it didn't exist, I just didn't experience it, or well I never thought I had.  (I'll get to that later).  I always had an open mind on things in life, so I wouldn't have said anyone was crazy for believing, but don't expect me to.  It wasn't until my adult life when I started to really wonder, and decided to go in search of answers.  So, how could one word we say so many times in our lives, change mine?  Here's how:

Years ago after getting laid off from my engineering job at Ford/Visteon, I took a contract job repairing laptops, knowing the company was moving soon, and I had very little chance of getting hired I took a more permanent job as a security guard.  Pay wasn't great, but it was full time and as it turns out it ended up changing my life for the better!  

Had it not been for the security job, I doubt I'd have ever started investigating, I would not have met so many great people, added new members to my family, there would have been no Paranormal Picnic, no Public and Private Ghost Hunts at The Old Mill Museum, and no Old Mill ParaFest.  So it really did change my life!

The security job was basically working midnights, my preferred shift, watching Jeeps at the old Northtowne Mall in Toledo.  Eventually a lot opened up in Monroe, and knowing I was from Monroe they offered me the chance to transfer, which I immediately took, after all I was driving an Expedition 25 miles one way for $7.50 an hour!  For those familiar with Monroe, the lot was behind the old paper mill at the corner of Dixie and Elm, beside the tracks and river.  The property also was located behind the woods on the River Raisin Battlefield site, which many paranormal investigators are familiar with.  The whole area has always been rumored to be haunted, which of course I never believed because I never experienced it.  Over my time on the lot, we had some strange things happening, which I just passed off for us being tired, faulty equipment etc.  

Our lot had those generator lights on wheels, to light up the lot.  The generator located directly behind the woods, never seemed to run right.  The lights would shut off, and they were the type of light that took 10 minutes or so to fire back up, leaving us in the dark.  After complaining, the company brought another out, taking that one with them.  When this one failed, they complained and the company blamed us charging our radios, while using the lights.  The radios were moved, a brand new generator was put in place, and the one that was there moved to another location we were about to use later.  This generator after moved, worked fine, yet the brand new one, failed.  I'm not sure who gave up on bringing another, but they just never did.  As it turns out, nobody ever liked that corner of the lot, they said it gave them the creeps.  I figured it's because it's dark, they're wimps and we're working the midnight shift on haunted grounds after all, right?

Well, one day I was what they call a rover, which mean I was the one who traveled with the supervisor to any issues on the lot, if anyone needed a break I would take over their post until they returned.  I was circling back around from the gate, in the corner by the generator when I heard BAM! I looked back thinking someone was screwing with me but there was nobody there.  I'm thinking OK I know someone just slapped my back window, how could they have disappeared so fast?  I got out of there pretty quick!  Still didn't believe.....

One morning I was posted along the tracks, I'm scanning back and forth it's about 7-7:30am we get off at 8am when I see someone running toward the lot area, not quite on the lot but soon would be in that corner nobody liked.  I opened my door, grabbed my radio from my visor went to step out, she was gone.  Here I sat thinking to myself I know she couldn't have run into the area I can't see just yet, I mean I'm in an Expedition I'm up high enough to see after all, so where did she go?  I debated calling it in, but assumed I was just tired it was the end of my shift after all.

On another day I was posted at the gate, which meant my vehicle was across the gate opening since we didn't close the gate because the trucks came in so fast we never had time.  We just started our vehicle, moved and let them in.  I'm sitting there facing the "Dreaded Corner" scanning across the gate, the corner and the lot, back and forth.  After a few hours, probably around 2-3am I start to scan back to my left, and BOOM!  Someone’s there!  Here's a guy walking on the lot, right about the headlight area of my truck.  He paused, looked back at me, and took another step onto the lot.  Being the good employee I was I got out to confront him.  Much like the last time, I grabbed my radio from my visor, opened the door...gone!  Here I sat thinking about where he could have gone, when I realized he wasn't even dressed like we dress in today’s world.  He had an old soldier’s uniform on.  Thinking OK, subconsciously I know this is the 1812 battle field site, my brain is playing games on me.  

We had reports at post 2 of a "Black Mist" reported twice too, once by a 2nd shift employee and once by a 3rd shift.  The 2nd shift employee was so scared, she asked to be transferred and when they wouldn't do it, she quit.  She threw her radio out the door on her way off the lot I was told.  On 3rd shift, I heard the guy call the supervisor, you could tell something wasn't right.  He told our supervisor that a black mist came down from the hill, toward his car and actually rammed his passenger side shaking his car.  He was scared!  I told my supervisor he needed to lay off the drugs.  I had no idea if he used, but with a story like that he had to be on something, right?

Another night when I roved, we had reports of people inside the mill.  While we didn't actually patrol the mill, nobody was supposed to be in it.  Sometimes we'd call the cops, not so much to get them removed from the mill, but to make sure they were not on our lot.  We had no idea if they were there to explore the mill, or our Jeeps.  Because of this, the supervisors would sometimes call.  On this night our supervisor and I talked, but where they reported the lights, we believed there was no floor.  Every now and then you'd see what appeared to be a lantern walk up to the window, around the area then walk away.  We decided to screw with whoever was in it, and parked facing the mill.  We parked side by side with our windows down, when we seen it one of us yelled NOW!  We shined our spotlights on the window, and nobody was there. We just looked at each other in awe, where did they go?  How could we have seen the lantern, when we shined the light, seen nothing but an empty abandoned mill?  Oh well, there had to be a reason, but it wasn't paranormal I felt.

The final encounter, which really made me wonder was when I seen someone walk on the lot way down from the tracks.  Knowing the keys were in the Jeeps, and we'd had people try to steal them before, I radioed it in.  My supervisor went around looking but found nothing.  This wasn't uncommon for the lot, or that area.  We just assumed people walked through like they had for years to houses on the other side or something.  We never found where they could get through, since fences appeared to be on both sides, but they had to go somewhere, ghosts didn't exist, right?  After searching for a half hour or so, my supervisor came over and said she found nothing.  I told her I know what I seen, her reply was that she believed me and said "You know what it was, right?" to which I replied, "NO".  I was upset she didn't believe me.  I had been a great employee why wouldn't she believe me?  She replied "It's a ghost".  I laughed, and thought she just hadn't found whatever it was.  I mean I had watched her get out, she walked the whole area and found no footprints.  Our one advantage this time, was a dusting of snow.  To which she said "I'm serious, how else would you explain everything we experienced?  The black mist, the generator, the people reported on the lot that we never can find, the radio voice changing?  How?"  I laughed again, she got called to another post and I sat there thinking, she's right how could we?  I know I seen someone walk on the lot. Could it be paranormal?

I got to thinking about all the things I had passed off, but no footprints, and the radio thing?  I didn't mention the radio earlier, but one night when we were messing with each other on the radio, she said "What do you think somethings going to get you?" over the radio.  When she said it, part of her transmission had another voice which wasn't another radio, but in her vehicle that said the same words....Get You but in a deep raspy nasty sounding voice, but yet you could still hear her.  She had a recorder she played back after we laughed about her changing her voice, which she didn't, and was playing back voices she got over in that area.  Not believing, I of course played it off.  Could it be though?  I started to really think about it for a few days, and decided to look into it myself.  I joined a team, but this team took anyone on, but only the core group was doing anything.  I wanted to do something, not just say I'm a member of a paranormal group, and moved on.  I couldn't find anyone who would accept new members, there weren't very many teams back in those days after all.  I started my own.  I eventually found another team on which I met up with, and started to do joint investigations.  I wasn't a member, but she was teaching me how to investigate so it was just about as good!  On one investigation, everyone got out and went to the back, leaving Tim Duncan and I so we walked to the front of the area.  As we talked, I had my recorder going and picked up a 3rd voice, which said "Hello".  Upon playback, I heard the voice, so clear I swore it was one of our group, but wait?  How could it be?  It wasn't for another 15 minutes when they came back around and met us I thought.  I played it again, and it kind of sounded like one of our investigators, so it had to be him, right?  But we knew he was in the back, and it was another good 10-15 minutes before he came up and they all started to talk to Tim and I about what they experienced etc.  Where did this voice come from?  I was hooked!  A simple Hello, one word.  Something we say many times in our lives, but that one word changed my life.  From that time I thought there has to be something else, voices just don't come out of thin air right? LOL

So about my mention of not experiencing anything paranormal in my life that I mentioned at the beginning.  When I talked to my Mom a day or 2 later, she asked how things went the other night.  I explained the "Hello" and said I had no way explaining it.  We'd never talked about paranormal encounters, in fact she always said that as a kid if I seen anything, she told me I was seeing things, or like any parent back then imaginary friends were just that, imaginary and you were to old for them.  Yet, I remember as a kid seeing someone in our kitchen from time to time, sometimes standing by our fridge, sometimes walking from the fridge across the kitchen.  It was dark, and usually the corner of my eye or something, but Mom was facing that way, and she didn't see it.  If it was mentioned, she said nothing was there, and that was that.  You don't question her.  Yet, she explains about how all these years her Dad would come visit her, and stand by the fridge, like he used to do many years ago and smile at her.  He always was seen walking in or standing in the kitchen.  I seen him!  I started to think about all my experiences with my job, this and the Hello I received.  From that point on I set out to look into it more, and as they say the rest is history......
ll my experiences with my job, this and the Hello

I received.  From that point on I set out to look into it more, and as they say the rest is history......

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